Nursery Production and Management

Learn the science and art of developing and managing a nursery on your own.

Your Learning Agenda

  • Nursery acts and statutes
  • Planning and layout of nursery
  • Propagation techniques of fruit, vegetable and flower crops
  • Nursery care and management
  • Media and substrate
  • Water and nutrient management in nursery production
  • Insect-pest and disease management in nursery production
  • Pots and other containers in nursery production

Course Approach

  • Brainstorming Video: Released on the first day of every week, will help the learner get an overview of the course and will also unveil the strategies of how the learner can probe in-depth into the course.
  • Reading Materials: Will be available in PDF format or as online links.
  • Supplementary Material: Each reading material will be supported by references, suggested readings and other video clippings related to the topic/sub-topics of the week.
  • Quiz-based Assessments: A Quiz will be released on every weekend based on the topic and sub-topic of that particular week.
  • Chat Box: This feature will enable the learner to post the query to the concerned expert directly.
  • Webinar: An open discussion forum between the learner and the experts including course instructor and other course related experts, will be scheduled at the end of every week.

Who can learn?

The course is designed for students, scholars, industry personnel’s, extension professionals, person from development agencies, progressive farmers, young and budding entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and other interested people who have interest in acquiring basic knowledge about nursery production and management.

Course Instructor(s)

  • Dr. A.K. Singh, Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh, Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. B.D. Bhuj, Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. D.C. Dimri, Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. Dhirendra Singh, Professor, Vegetable Science
  • Dr. Ranjan Srivastava, Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. Ratna Rai, Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. Satish Chand, Associate Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. Anju Pal, Assistant Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. Pratibha, Assistant Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. Rashmi Pawar, Assistant Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. Shweta Uniyal, Assistant Professor, Horticulture
  • Dr. S.K. Maurya, Assistant Professor, Vegetable Science

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