Silk farming or sericulture is an interesting practice. Learn from the basics of how, where, when, why silk is generated.

Your Learning Agenda

  • Introducing the basics of sericulture
  • Different species of silkworms
  • Mulberry cultivation
  • Methods of propagation and planting
  • Mulberry silkworm rearing
  • Rearing of non-mulberry silk worms
  • Silk weaving technology and marketing
  • Post-harvest technology of silkworm
  • Understanding pests and diseases of silkworm
  • Mechanization in sericulture
  • Projects on sericulture

Course Approach

  • Brainstorming Video: Released on the first day of every week, will help the learner get an overview of the course and will also unveil the strategies of how the learner can probe in-depth into the course.
  • Reading Materials: Will be available in PDF format or as online links.
  • Supplementary Material: Each reading material will be supported by references, suggested readings and other video clippings related to the topic/sub-topics of the week.
  • Quiz-based Assessments: A Quiz will be released on every weekend based on the topic and sub-topic of that particular week.
  • Chat Box: This feature will enable the learner to post the query to the concerned expert directly.
  • Webinar: An open discussion forum between the learner and the experts including course instructor and other course related experts, will be scheduled at the end of every week.

Who can learn?

The course is designed for students, scholars, industry personnel’s, extension professionals, person from development agencies, progressive farmers, young and budding entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and other interested people who have interest in acquiring basic knowledge on sericulture and related practices.

Course Instructor(s)

Dr. R.P. Srivastava, Professor, Entomology
Working in the Department of Entomology for over decades on different designations, he has intensively worked on sericulture and bee keeping. He has guided masters and Ph.D. researches and a number of publications are there to his credit.
Dr. Poonam Srivastava, Senior Research Officer, Entomology
With a teaching experience of 15 years along with rigorous involvement in extension activities, she is working in entomology research area from last 18 years and has previously worked at IARI, Karnal. She has published more than 40 research papers in reputed journals. She is also holding the post of Officer Incharge/Associate Director of Honey Bee Research and Training Centre. She has significantly researched on Insect Pollination, IPM in Mango, Litchi and Citrus and Management of Varroa mite with Botanicals and Chemicals in honeybee colonies. She has documented the diversity insect pollinators in Terai region. She has been awarded the best lead presenter ICAR award by DDG, Horticulture during the second GD of AICRP fruits at MPAUET, Udaipur during the year 2015. She has also been awarded Best Teaching Practices award for the year 2016. She has handled ICAR-NICRA projects on pollinators and presently she is Co-PI of DBT project on stingless bee.

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